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Fallout Momo Deary Sticker Pack

Fallout Momo Deary Sticker Pack

Now you can decorate your office, settlement, or power armor with this Fallout 4 sticker pack designed by Momo Deary!

Artist Bio: Momo-Deary is a freelance digital-artist residing in California. She's developed a long history of character portraits and illustrations with multiple creative communities, both online and offline, and is well known for her fondness of classical Nouveau and vintage/cheesecake-feminine gestures that strongly influence her style. Her passion shows in depicting the essence of her subjects through their expressions and gestures while cherishing body-positive curves and unique facial-features. In her pursuit for a full-time art career, Momo-Deary is currently working in product design and expanding her network at gaming and geek-media convention "artist alleys". She is in the process of acquiring her BA in Design and Art New Media, and continues her studies through personal challenges and commission work.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause female reproductive harm.

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