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Neumond Classics: Superhits of the 1960s LP

Neumond Classics: Superhits of the 1960s LP

Neumond Records was responsible for some of the biggest hits of 1960s Germania. Famously known for having something for everyone, few relics of their catalog have actually survived to today.

Recently unearthed in an abandoned bunker, this collected Superhits LP is making the largest collection of their recordings available in their entirety for the first time in decades.

Pressed on 140g red vinyl, this LP contains nine tracks, and each album is individually numbered out of an edition of 500. And our diligent archivists have been able to account for all of them, so it's possible this collection was never actually sold by Neumond before they collapsed!

Side Eine:

  1. Viktor & Die Vokalisten - Berlin Boys & Stuttgart Girls
  2. Wílbert Eckart und seine Volksmusík Stars - House of the Rising Sun
  3. Schwarz-Rote Welle - Ich bin überall
  4. Hans - Mein kleiner VW

Side Zwei:

  1. Die Käfer - Mond, Mond, Ja, Ja!
  2. Karl & Karla - Tapferer kleiner Liebling
  3. The Bunkers - Toe the Line
  4. The Comet Tails - Weltraumsurfen
  5. Die Schäferhunde - Zug nach Hamburg

Sample streams are available at the Neumond Recordings website.

(This album is recommended to be played loud.)